A Note About Typography and Typos

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I’m a big fan of elegant typography: Well-chosen fonts that fit the message of the design that are handled with finesse by the designer.

It can happen that a typo escapes the proof-reader’s scrutiny and lands front and center in the published design. The problem with typos is that they de-value even the best of designs, and make the client (and the designer) look bad. Typos occur most often in body copy, but sometimes show up in headlines. They come in 3 forms: spelling, punctuation and grammatical.

Since I recently needed to correct someone on the proper use of its and it’s, I was pleased to see a light-hearted info graphic address grammatical correction over on Copyblogger. The design, shown below, identifies misuse, explains the correct use and provides an example. This is a great case of graphic design being implemented to inform and correct in a way that’s friendly, immediate and easy to understand.

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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