As an event producer, I’ve used the services of Alvalyn Creative on multiple shows. She has always amazed me with her creative vision and original designs that work well in many mediums. I think why I love working with Alvalyn is her ability to understand and embrace the client’s vision and thus is a great contributor to the event’s success.

Mary-Catherine McBride
President, GoBeDo Productions, Inc.


Design serves those it’s intended for,
and should be created according to
proven design principles. 

Design principles and elements
support purpose and function.

When you do excellent work consistently,
you stand out and have less competition
in the marketplace. 

Design doesn’t solve visual problems.
It solves business problems.

First, solve the problem.

Design improves quality of life and the effectiveness of business.

Rest is like white space. It makes the active content of our lives more meaningful.

 Design is a process and a result. 

Everything is designed.


Gift of Work web site designed by Alvalyn Lundgren

Designing Influence.

Drawing attention.


Independent, multidisciplinary designer and illustrator for over 36 years. 

Portrait of Tom Selleck - Blue Bloods - by Alvalyn Lundgren


  • Veterans 
  • Canines
  • Canines for Veterans

I give a portion of my revenue to support causes I care about.


I’m an accomplished visual designer who
solves complex communication challenges.

I position brands to improve awareness, influence and relationships with your customers.

I develop strategic branding, messaging solutions and identity systems to accomplish your brand marketing and communications goals.

As an illustrator, Alvalyn excels in the ability to bring an idea to life, to tell a story and engage the viewer. 


Ad campaign for Conejo Valley Days designed by Alvalyn Lundgren
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