Acknowledge the Box

pencil drawing of a box by Alvalyn Lundgren

We talk about creativity and innovation in terms of thinking outside the box.

Thinking outside the box still needs to remain within the boundaries of the problem we are solving. In other words, thinking outside the box does not disrespect the box.

Look at the box from a different angle, but keep looking at it. Be as creative as you can, but conform to the project requirements.

Alvalyn Lundgren

Alvalyn Lundgren is the founder and design director at Alvalyn Creative, an independent practice near Thousand Oaks, California. She creates visual branding, publications and books for business, entrepreneurs and authors. She is the creator of Freelance Road Trip — a business roadmap program for creative freelancers. Contact her for your visual branding, graphic and digital design needs. Join her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and subscribe to her free monthly newsletter.