Creativity Is Work

Creativity is an activity requiring both close-ordered, attentive thought and a wandering mind. It begins with a problem to solve or a need to meet.

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An Inspired Father’s Day

Inspiration is not copying or creating a deviate work (both of these activities constitute copyright infringement), but a stimulation or motivation to do something.

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Stepping Back

It’s said that design is in the details. Yet it’s the sum total of the details that makes the design. When you’re in the middle of

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Acknowledge the Box

We talk about creativity and innovation in terms of thinking outside the box. Thinking outside the box still needs to remain within the boundaries of the

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Drawing The Line Between Art and Design

Where an artist can begin with a blank canvas and pursue a serendipitous route to an end result, a designer begins with a set of criterion and remains within set boundaries from concept through completion.

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Creativity and Change

Creative thinking requires us to cease from thinking as we always have. This is neither automatic nor easy because we automatically default to doing that which requires the least amount of effort.

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David: Start to Finish

This is a start-to-finish development story of a conceptual portrait created for a series of inspirational videos. The David and Goliath account is an iconic

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How Do You Define Design?

Toward the end of my design fundamentals course I generally ask my students how they, having gone through the process of learning design principles and

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A Monday Musing

Experience is what allows your level of skill to catch up with your level of desire. word art created at

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Being Remarkable

My friend, Mary, was in a community theatre production of The Mikado, and was asked to write her bio for the printed program. This being her first theatrical

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11 tips for design students from Alvalyn Lundgren, designer and educator
Alvalyn Lundgren

11 Tips for Design Students

The computer is a tool. Use a pencil instead and you’re still a designer. Having a computer, even if it’s a Macintosh, does not make you a designer.

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In the Eye

Designers are generally concerned with aesthetics and function, and put the two together to communicate or to enhance life in some way. Aesthetics, the word,

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