An Inspired Father’s Day

Inspiration is not copying or creating a deviate work (both of these activities constitute copyright infringement), but a stimulation or motivation to do something.

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The Ink Sniffer

I have always loved books. As an ardent reader, part of the experience I always enjoy is the way a book feels, smells and sounds.

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How Much Will It Cost?

All too often a business or organization seeks a designer to execute an untested, unrefined idea as quickly and cheaply as possible. A business that’s design-oriented will not regard design as an afterthought but as the basis for its marketing communications and brand awareness.

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Job Listings and Special Considerations

If a hiring firm wants to give special consideration to candidates from a specific school, that’s its right. But then it should carry on its notification processes within the sphere of that school’s alumni and career counseling office

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Stepping Back

It’s said that design is in the details. Yet it’s the sum total of the details that makes the design. When you’re in the middle of

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Acknowledge the Box

We talk about creativity and innovation in terms of thinking outside the box. Thinking outside the box still needs to remain within the boundaries of the

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