Loving It: Seduction, Satisfaction and Graphic Culture

To be promoted in our design-driven culture, a product must be packaged in such a way that it becomes meaningful to the person using it, so that they become an evangelist for it. This requires thoughtful planning and execution of a design strategy

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Alvalyn Lundgren

The Internship Epidemic

It is the responsibility of design professionals, teachers and school administrators to value the next generation of designers so that the profession is respected, appreciated and thrives. Unpaid internships won’t accomplish that.

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Drawing The Line Between Art and Design

Where an artist can begin with a blank canvas and pursue a serendipitous route to an end result, a designer begins with a set of criterion and remains within set boundaries from concept through completion.

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Choosing Color

Pantone has released its Fashion Color Report for Spring 2011 in which the rising trend is in contrasting color schemes. Those who follow color know

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Creating Lovability

How can you invest your product or service with “lovability” and create devotion in your customers? Here are some options: Love it yourself. If you’re

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Elements of a Real Designer

I teach a course at UCLA Extension called Elements of Design. It deals with the stuff design is made of. Things like balance, gestalt theory,

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Design As Your Ambassador

Graphic design represents ideas and values. A design is not in itself the idea, but the expression of it. Design points to something greater than

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Leaves In My Gutter

It’s an odd place to find beauty. Gutters are usually the conduits of unwanted odds and ends. They can become pretty nasty. But once in

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Paul Rand and Coldplay

Coldplay’s web site created this year, bears a remarkable resemblance to a book cover design by Paul Rand a few decades ago. The comparison cannot

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Critique and Criticism

No one likes to be critiqued, but everyone is a critic. As a design practitioner and teacher of design, I am involved continually in the

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David: Start to Finish

This is a start-to-finish development story of a conceptual portrait created for a series of inspirational videos. The David and Goliath account is an iconic

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How Do You Define Design?

Toward the end of my design fundamentals course I generally ask my students how they, having gone through the process of learning design principles and

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