True Lies

Those who track and analyze cultural trends generally agree that our culture has become design-driven. It’s no longer based on business or technology but on

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Fairey and Fair Use

Shepherd Fairey, the designer of the Hope and Change iconography which helped Barack Obama become elected last November, is being taken to task for his

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Aesthetics: In Support of Style

Aesthetics and style are not the same, despite opinions that claim otherwise. It’s popular to think that both aesthetics and style are subjective concerns, yet

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Why You Can’t Be My Client

Since I established my design studio over thirteen years ago, I have worked with clients large and small, designed for sole proprietors and for publicly-held

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11 tips for design students from Alvalyn Lundgren, designer and educator
Alvalyn Lundgren

11 Tips for Design Students

The computer is a tool. Use a pencil instead and you’re still a designer. Having a computer, even if it’s a Macintosh, does not make you a designer.

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In the Eye

Designers are generally concerned with aesthetics and function, and put the two together to communicate or to enhance life in some way. Aesthetics, the word,

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What is it?

In checking in to blogdom today, I found a lot of scuttle about the just-launched brand for the London 2012 Olympic games. Although developed by

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