Color Theory / Digital Color Course Supply List

Students can use these links to find items and purchase online, and so save some search time. There is no additional cost to you by using these links. You are not required to obtain your gear through these links. Disclosure: The Amazon links are affiliate links. By using these links to add items to your cart you’re helping to support my blog and instructional videos.

Required Items

Required Textbook

Color Workbook Becky Koenig  4th edition (3rd edition also works)

Recommended Books

The New Munsell Student Color Set, 3rd edition. by James Thomas Long

Josef Albers Interaction of Color 50th Anniversary Edition

The Elements of Color, Johannes Itten

Contemporary Color Theory and Use, Steven Bleicher, 2nd edition

The Designer’s Dictionary of Color Sean Adams

Color Index Jim Krause

Color and Meaning, John Gage

The Secret Lives of Color Kassia St. Clair

Color & Human Response Faber Birren

Handbook of Color Psychology Cambridge

Places to Buy Art and Drafting Supplies Online

US located:  If not in the US use Amazon for your region or other local source.