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Elements of Design 1 UCLA Extension

Elements of Design 2 UCLA Extension

Color Theory and Application UCLA Extension

Color for Digital Design Otis College Extension

Fundamentals of 2-Dimensional Design Otis College Extension

Introduction to Graphic Design Otis College Extension

Crafting Your Professional Portfolio Otis College Extension

Crafting Your Creative Brand ArtCenter Extension

Creativepreneur ArtCenter Extension

Elements of Design 1

UCLA Extension

Rubber or paper cement

Rubber cement pick-up

Graph/grid paper

Tracing paper (also known as flimsy or vellum)  18 x 24-inch pad 

Bristol paper  “regular” or “vellum” surface: 14 x 17-inch pad  Strathmore or Canson

Canson Mi Tientes #431 Felt Gray Gray)  19 x 25 in (1 )

Canson Mi Tientes #345 Dark Gray Gray)  19 x 25 in (2 )

Canson Mi Tientes #425 Black 19 x 25 in (1 )

Prismacolor Premiere White Pencil PC 938

Prismacolor Premiere Black Pencil PC 935

Prismacolor Premiere French Gray 20% Pencil PC 1069

Prismacolor Premiere French Gray 50% Pencil PC 1072

Felt tip pens: black: 1 fine point, 1 bullet tip, 1 wedge tip — Sharpie, Copic or Micron 

Drawing pencils (graphite) or lead and holder: H, HB, 4B  

Uniball Signo white gel pen UM 153

Pencil sharpener appropriate for the type of pencil

Graphite stick: 4B or 6B (optional)White block eraser

Gray kneaded eraser


Triangles: 30˚/60˚ and 45˚, acrylic or steel

Ruler/Cutting Rail: 18-inch or 24-inch with non-skid backing (cork is preferable to foam) Tip: Add a long strip of duct tape to the back of a non-backed steel or plastic ruler for non-skid bliss)

X-Acto™ knife #1 and replacement blades. (100-pack of blades should last for the quarter)

Mat or utility knife and replacement blades. (multiple pack of blades is a good idea)

Cutting mat — 18 x 24-inch is recommended

Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache Ivory Black (1 )

Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache Neutral Gray 3 (1 )

Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache Permanent White (1 )

Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache (this will be “fielder’s choice” based on your design (assignment 5). (1 )

Watercolor brushes: 1” flat, #10 round, #2 round short handle, synthetic bristle (1 ea)

Lidded containers or souffle cups with lids 2-oz : (6)

Water bucket (not a cup but a bucket) — a 1-gallon capacity is good. You can substitute a sawed-off gallon-size plastic milk carton for the bucket or re-purpose other clean containers.

Paper towels (low-lint), shop towels (these are blue and are available at home improvement and big box stores) or clean soft cloths (old clean T-shirts work well) as needed.

Elements of Design 2

UCLA Extension

rubber cement or paper cement

rubber cement pick-up

tacky glue

bristol paper pad 18” x 24” or 19′ x 25″ (1)  this should be the 100#, vellum (regular) surface

graph paper 8.5 x 11 in. or 9 x 12 in. (pad or sheets)

foam board 3/16 in thick  20x30in (2) and      1/2 in thick  gray 20x30in (1)

1” drafting tape (1)

24” ruler or ruler-cutting rail 

drafting compass — without the screw mechanism — or compass with extension bar.

drawing or technical pencils: H, 2B, 4B, 6B 

pencil sharpener

Awl or potter’s needle (for scoring)

triangles:  30˚-60˚ and 45˚-90˚ (1 ea)  (substitute: set square).


X-Acto™ knife (#11) & lots of refill blades 

matte or utility knife & lots of refill  blades (X-Acto™ #2 is an option)

cutting mat: 18” x 24” is recommended

index cards (3 x 5 in.) (pack of 100, lined or plain)

digital camera (DSLR, compact digital or smartphone)

PDF generating software (Pages, Word, Keynote, PowerPoint, InDesign, Affinity Designer)



architects scale 

precision rulers (Schaedler, for example)

drafting/desk lamps with high-watt daylight bulbs (100W is best)

light-diffusing material (vellum, for example) to use with desk lamps

tripod, Joby or gimble

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