My online courses are designed to help creatives — whether student, emerging, or pofessional — get better at business, sharpen their creative skills and build their design knowledge.

I teach the fundamentals and principles of design, color, drawing, history and critical practice, and train in business practices — from set-up to marketing — for self-employed creative entrepreneurs.

UCLA Extension

Since 1993, I’ve taught at UCLA Extension. These are my most popular courses:

Design Communication Arts Professional Certificate Program:

Color Methodologies

Design Fundamentals

Graphic Design History & Context

Drawing for Communication

Interior Architecture (Professional Certificate and Master’s Degree Programs):

Elements of Design 1 (2D design fundamentals)

Elements of Design 2 (3D design fundamentals)

Color Theory

Freelance Road Trip

I designed this online course to provide self-employed creatives with knowledge and strategies to launch and maintain their solo businesses. It’s a 3-module course with 15 video trainings, downloadable worksheets, bonus material, online community and optional mentoring.

Two Fingers and a Thumb

That’s all you need to pick up a pencil, brush, stylus or mouse and create something amazing.

Two Fingers and a Thumb (still in development) will provide online training in drawing, design principles, color theory and watercolor techniques through pay-per-view videos.