Spec Work Is Gambling

Working on spec directly contradicts good business practices and does not even promise payment for work performed.

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Job Listings and Special Considerations

If a hiring firm wants to give special consideration to candidates from a specific school, that’s its right. But then it should carry on its notification processes within the sphere of that school’s alumni and career counseling office

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Alvalyn Lundgren

The Internship Epidemic

It is the responsibility of design professionals, teachers and school administrators to value the next generation of designers so that the profession is respected, appreciated and thrives. Unpaid internships won’t accomplish that.

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True Lies

Those who track and analyze cultural trends generally agree that our culture has become design-driven. It’s no longer based on business or technology but on

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Why You Can’t Be My Client

Since I established my design studio over thirteen years ago, I have worked with clients large and small, designed for sole proprietors and for publicly-held

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