My core values are the foundation on which I do business, and they help me serve you to the best of my ability.


No one creates ex nihilo (out of nothing). My design and illustration solutions are developed through research, design thinking, idea exploration and my own experiences.  As such, they’re unique (no templates, no copy-and paste-acquisitions) and practical while being aesthetically sound.


I watch over the details of a design or illustration. If I am not confident in it, you won’t be, either. I consistently work to refine, improve and develop my knowledge and craft.


I act consistently with my values, and build trust and loyalty with my clients. This means that I do not accept  projects  that do not “fit” me well in terms of purpose or capability, or when red flags appear. I don’t accept every project or retainer offered. I exercise due diligence over client projects, and do all I can to follow through on what I agree to do.



I engage in popular culture, observe business, cultural and economic trends, and have a strong basis in art and design history. This means I can counsel you wisely in terms of direction and solutions for  your design project. I become familiar with the services & mission of my clients.


I make sure you’re “in the loop” as a project progresses. I will ask questions, discuss options, advise and listen to your needs and concerns. When a time frame, budget, or scope of work is not possible, I will discuss options with you before proceeding.


I approach my work with joy and have a good time doing it. 


I am called to be a visual communicator. I continue to develop my abilities through painting, drawing, photography, writing, observation and ideation. I pass on my knowledge through teaching and mentoring.


I am available to clients Monday-Friday, 10:00 am-4:00 pm. I won’t respond to email, phone calls or text messages during evening hours, holidays or on weekends.

I keep a sabbath day each week, a retreat day each month and take time off for sabbaticals and vacations several times each year.

I observe holidays and celebrations. I do not work on weekends.

Alvalyn Creative is generally dark between December 22 and January 2.


I schedule projects based on their scope of work. A 10-14 day turn-around from ‘Okay, GO!” on a small project to the first review of concepts is normal. If the project is complex, more development time is necessary. 

As a veteran-owned small business in a high level security consulting field, we are adept at analyzing security concerns and then developing security solutions and policies that are effective. We just have one challenge – telling our story effectively in a manner that differentiates  ourselves from others in the Yellow Pages. In the wake of horrific active shooter events, we began applying our methodology to assisting schools, and others, in developing sound, cost effective solutions for their concerns. We developed a series of white papers to assist in understanding a logical process through which security solutions and policies could be developed. Alvalyn readily understood our goals and developed graphics that truly assisted in communicating the intent of critical issues, prepared a formal layout for the document series, and crafted a professional appearance that has resulted in some very positive feedback from clients and prospects alike. Alvalyn exceeded our expectations and assisted us in developing products that we are proud to share and has helped us step away from the crowd by assisting us in telling the story about our methodology.  She is a true professional and we recommend her services without hesitation.

David Johnson
President, ITG Consultants, LLC

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