Commission a one-of-a-kind portrait of your hero, a loved one or yourself.

I create portraits in a combination of watercolor, gouache and colored pencil on high-quality archival rag paper.

A faithful likeness can be captured in photographs. I take it further than outward appearance to depict a person’s character and personality.

As a creator rather than capturer of an image, I have the ability to edit, embellish and enhance, and still remain faithful to the person’s appearance. I consider the entire composition of the portrait to achieve a unified harmony.


Source Material

I work from photographs.

Photos can be supplied by you or, if the subject is local, I will schedule a photo session at your home, office or other location.

If you provide the photos, they should of high enough quality to see the subject’s features clearly.

Composing the Portrait

After we discuss the purpose of the portrait and decide on its content, I will develop preliminary pencil drawings to explore composition and lighting.

I will provide a rough sketch for your approval. Upon your approval of the design, I will create a small color study for your approval prior to proceeding with the painting.


All of the painting happens in my studio. I often refer to additional reference material in order to complete the portrait.

The painting itself will require 4-8 weeks or more, depending upon its size and complexity. I will keep you updated as I work by sharing work-in-progress photos.

I will send a photo of the finished painting prior to packing and shipping.

Paintings are shipped flat, unmatted and unframed, in protective packaging using an insured carrier.

If you are local, I will deliver the painting in person.

Dress Blues by Alvalyn Lundgren

How to commission your portrait

To begin, use the button below to send me an email.


Prices shown are minimum for a single likeness (head & shoulders) on a simple background. Additional subjects, body parts, objects, costumes and complex environments will increase the price.

Portrait pricing is based on the final dimensions and:

The number of people or pets in the painting

How much of each subject is to be depicted

The intricacy of clothing, accessories & props

The complexity of the background

Shipping/delivery fees


Photo sessions are extra.

Base prices US dollars

Sizes are in US inches

9 x 12: $645.00

11 x 14: $847.00

16 x 20: $1,265.00

20 x 30: $2,345.00

24 x 36: $4,052.00

Unseen by Alvalyn Lundgren
Joe Santa portrait of Joe Mangione by Alvalyn Lundgren. Collection of Andrea Standish.
Portrait of Abraham Lincoln by Alvalyn Lundgren
Chesty Puller by Alvalyn Lundgren
5 Portrait of Albert Pujols © Alvalyn Lundgren
Chesty Puller Work in Progress by Alvalyn Lundgren