Strategy-Based Branding and Design

I create effective strategies, compelling touch points, and remarkable experiences to connect people to brands, businesses and organizations.

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Are you ready to roll on your brand strategy?


I’ll craft your reputation and influence in your market. I use a story-based approach to develop a program of visual assets that express your values and personality, and connect you with the people you need to reach.

I’ve developed a five-step process to ensure effective designs are created, and on the back end advise on managing and maintaining a strong, viable brand.

Throughout each phase, we’re working together. You’re never out of the loop. 


You have a choice in who you work with to craft your brand assets. You don’t want to work with just anyone. Branding’s not just about sharing your message; it’s about building relationships with your audience. Because relationship is what your customers are looking for.

I approach your branding goals with a deep-dive look into your values, vision and voice. I translate those findings into your brand persona to engage the hearts of your audience.


Whether fiction or non-fiction, you’ve put your heart and soul into your manuscript. You need a cover and book layout design that fits your vision and voice. I play off your manuscript to craft engaging covers and interior layouts. I design the layouts to fit your printer’s specs and digital formats. And if you need visuals to promote your book, I’ll develop the graphics and websites you need.


MPISCC InterCom online magazine


We do a deep-dive analysis to clarify your vision, values, and voice as the basis for developing your brand strategy and design program.

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We’ll clarify your purpose, values, vision and voice to help you gain a competitive advantage in the markets you serve.


I take a carefully-crafted, thoughtful approach to create your most important business assets and establish standards for their applications.

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I develop physical and digital environments consistent with your brand that communicate your message, and create connection with your customers.

MPISCC InterCom online magazine


I provide a road map for ensuring your message is consistent with your standards both internally and externally, and for launching, trademarking, marketing, and accountability.

Leonard, the Large Leonine Feline


I develop bespoke illustrations, characters, photography, motion, and video that convey your brand persona and drive your story arc. Basically, more for your customers to love.


For writers of fiction and non-fiction, I design books, book covers, and marketing materials, facilitate the self-publishing process to connect with readers and build your brand.

Are you ready to transform your business into a brand?


In our fast paced world of Human Resources, we are constantly changing our focus and our priorities. In this environment, it helps when you have someone who is willing to work with you and accommodate your requests. I have found this to be the true in working with Alvalyn.

She has consistently met deadlines and managed changing priorities on the many projects that we asked her to develop. In doing so, the quality of the product has not been sacrificed. Alvalyn has been a great addition to our team.

Owen DeVance
Southern California Edison


Alvalyn exceeded our expectations and assisted us in developing products that we are proud to share. She has helped us step away from the crowd by assisting us in telling the story about our methodology.

David Johnson
President, ITG Consultants, LLC


Alvalyn’s skills as a designer, coupled with great business sense, have proven to be a winning and effective combination as she has helped my business grow more than 500%. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking exceptional quality.

Stephen Xavier
America’s Top Coach


Alvalyn Lundgren has worked on numerous projects for Van Nuys Airport Public and Community Relations. The considerable scope of her work has included one-page ads and flyers, brochures and pamphlets, and a comprehensive academic journal with a full-color cover and over 100 pages. In every sense, we have found her to be a reliable professional who produces aesthetically pleasing material in a timely manner. She also makes herself very accessible and communicates well. Without the slightest hesitation, I would recommend Ms. Lundgren as a one-stop-shop for meeting virtually anyone’s graphic design needs.

Richard French
City of Los Angeles Department of Airports

Are you ready to roll on your brand strategy?

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