Designing Influence. Drawing Attention.

I create quality, custom visual communications that help you achieve your business and organizational goals.

As a designer, I’m a generalist with a variety of skills that combine into solid expertise. My design process is a collaborative effort in which my creative strengths mesh with my clients’ specific understanding of their services and products and how to bring them to fulfillment.

Approaching design in this manner requires an investment of time and diligence. There are no instant,
off-the-rack solutions. The results of my process enable you to meet your branding and marketing goals.


Creation of a unique logo or trademark, stand-alone or with applications to communications formats, graphic standards manuals, research and consultation. Your logo is the foundation of your brand strategy; everything else emanates from it, and it’s applied to everything, from your business cards to social media. It needs to be unique and specifically tailored for your business or organization and work for a breadth of platforms and media.


I create original drawings, paintings and character designs. My focus is in portraits, sports and action, botanical, landscape and technical. I work in traditional methods and materials ,and convert the work to digital imagery; created to communicate an idea, describe a process or tell a story in visual terms. Applications include advertising, retail and editorial (books and publications.)


Informational or commercial web sites, HTML or WordPress builds, concept through publication and ongoing maintenance. Email promotions and newsletters. Blog design. Banner ads. Graphics for social media. Slide decks.


Designed to publication and/or online specs. Magazine and newspaper ads, web site banners, badges and ads; directories, cinema ads, transit signage, printed banners, billboards, posters, point of purchase and displays, etc. Single instance or campaign of related ads.


Development of strategy, foundational graphics and line extensions, and implementation. Events, Businesses, Corporations, Organizations, Teams, Entrepreneurs.


Copywriting Technical, descriptive and narrative.

Art Direction & Project Management
Complete coordination of all aspects required for a project.

Print Management Estimating, file preparation, coordination and delivery of printed material as part of a larger design project.


Original photographs in a photo-journalistic style. Subjects include locations, people, product and objects, using natural or available light. Custom photography is a great alternative to stock photos, and is affordable. Available as part of a contracted design project. Sports, concerts, events, street, documentary, landscape, single portraits and groups.

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