The Foam Shop

Every so often, a brand needs to be updated. It can happen that an enterprise can have visual that never need updating, but most of the time it’s a good idea to refresh or go for a total makeover.

When The Foam Shop needed to overhaul its brand for a more refined look and feel, my goal was to retain an echo of the former designs, which used an italicized lowercase F enclosed in a circle. The bulk of the white space inside the circle dwarfed the F. 

I chose to enclose the acronym inside a hexagonal frame, which is also the shape of a cube in two-point parallel perspective. This is in homage to the original mark, but departs from it. The cyan and ultramarine blue add dimension to the icon. I reduced the proportion of white space inside the frame to give a sends of structural strength. The word mark leans to the right, and is vertically centered with the icon.

Other pieces in the system included business cards, forms and a sample board.


CLIENT: The Foam Shop

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